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  • The definition of bluetooth speaker


    The definition of bluetooth speakerBluetooth speaker, Actually refers to speakers that rely on Bluetooth transmission agreement for data transmission. Since most mobile devices (mobile phone, notebook, tablet) Both have Bluetooth chips. No need the cable or audio cable connection can be quickly iden

  • How to choose good bluetooth speakers


    How to choose good bluetooth speakersCompared with traditional speakers, Bluetooth speakers have the advantage of being portable and without cables, and they are also more flexible to use. However, many young people don’t know how to choose bluetooth speaker. Next i will tell you few tips to buy Bl

  • Talking about the development trend of mobile phone 3D glass, six factors affect the direct rate


    Talking about the development trend of mobile phone 3D glass, six factors affect the direct rate Excellent 3D glass performance is the best choice for industrialization 1.3D glass + flexible OLED screen is the perfect fit. With the wide application of flexible OLED screens, flexible 3D glass has be

  • Which materials is better for Phone case


    Materials : There are five types materials for phone case on the market : metal, plastic, plexiglass,wood, leather. Of course, there are other protective materials, such as cloth, but the mainstream mobile phone case is the front of several.Metal Materials: Metallic phone case to aluminum, magnesium

  • What is the Power Bank


    Power bank,Also name rechargeable batteries and so on. A set of power supply and charging functions in one of the portable charger,Can charge mobile phones, tablets and other digital devices anywhere and anytime charging. Generally by the lithium batteries (or batteries, less common) as a storage un

  • Do not use some phone accessories make your phone broken faster


    Ask you, what should be doing when you just bought a new phone ? If nothing else, the answer should be: to the phone foil, buy phone case, buy all kinds of accessories to protect their brand new mobile phone. If it is purchased offline, do not even have to prepare yourself, all small accessories hav


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